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Seating Options

Venue Capacity / Seating Options

Numbers listed below indicate maximum seating capacity, dependent on layout and table selections. Please contact us to discuss a custom layout for your event.

Indoor Seating

  • Main hall with dance floor: 160
  • Main hall without dance floor: 180
  • Front entryway: 32
  • Upstairs loft  25
  • Upstairs parlour: 20
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Outdoor Seating

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  • Tent seating with banquet seating & space for 1st dance: 200
  • Tent seating with max banquet seating: 250
  • Outdoor seating (not in tent) on 1.5 acres: 300+

Tables and Chairs Available

  • 60″ round tables (quantity: 25)
  • 8 ft rectangular tables (quantity: 20)
  • 6 ft rectangular tables (quantity: 4)
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Bistro/Cocktail Tables


– can be raised for standing or lowered for seating with interchangeable table bases

  • 30″x32″ rectangular bistro table tops  (quantity: 10)
  • 28″ round bistro table tops (quantity: 15)
  • Tall standing height table bases (quantity: 10)
  • Shorter table height bases (quantity: 16)


  • 300 white folding chairs available



44’x63′ tent available to rent for additional fee beginning in May 2019